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Deutsche Cell, Freiberg (Saxony)

The solar cells of Deutsche Cell GmbH -a subsidiary of Solar World AG are produced in one of the world’s most modern production sites. The following orders were assigned to AGO AG Energie + Anlagen:

Construction of the production building DS400, Freiberg/Saxony

Refrigeration supply for ventilation and air conditioning systems, clean rooms and production facilities as well as compressed air generation for the solar cell production.

  • Refrigeration output: 2,820 kW
  • Re-cooling output: 3,850 kW
  • Free cooling for two supply networks: 1,800 kW und 750 kW
  • Compressed air supply: 35 m³/min.
  • Order volume: € million 1.10
  • Design: proprietary design
  • Client: Deutsche Cell through MWZ FE, Stuttgart

Extension measures in 2005 and 2006:

  • Networks for process cooling water and compressed air are extended as part of the expansion of production capacities of Deutsche Cell on the first finished production level including hook-ups.
  • Heat, refrigeration and compressed air supply for the new waste water station DS 401.
  • Extension of the second production level: supply of refrigeration, process cooling water and compressed air for the entire production level.
  • Hook-up of the process engines for the second production level.
  • Construction of a refrigeration network to existing systems of Deutsche Cell to extend capacities for process cooling water supply by 1,800 kW.
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