Consulting and energy efficiency


The improvement of the total efficiency of plants and estates is increasingly gaining importance and creating new challenges with regard to the operation of technical building systems. An example is Art.12 of the German Act on Energy Conservation (EnEV), which stipulates that the energy consumption of ventilation systems with a cooling capacity higher than 12 kW has to be checked mandatorily once a plant reaches a certain age. The energy inspection of ventilation and air-conditioning systems helps reveal weaknesses and allows the development of tailored improvements to a system's energy efficiency.


We support our contract partners and customers in improving and optimising the efficiency of the building services systems and equipment. In order to provide a maximum level of cost efficiency and the best possible price-performance ratio, we focus on a three-stage optimisation concept:


  • stage 1: estimation of potentials
  • stage 2: analysis of energy efficiency
  • stage 3: technical implementation