ago congelo®

Cooling from waste heat: efficient energy supply – from small to large-scale industrial projects

Cooling from waste heat for industry and municipalities

Economic conditions for industrial and agricultural cooling energy generation have changed considerably over the past years. As electricity tariffs are rising constantly but heat is available from decentralized power generation, absorption chillers which use heat instead of electricity, in many cases may economically be more favorable than conventional reciprocating compression chillers.

The ammonia/water absorption chiller named „ago congelo“ generates cooling energy up to a coolant outlet temperature of -40 °C. For this, the chiller primarily requires heat which is generated during the client’s industrial processes or during a CHP plant’s or gas turbine’s power generation. This heat mostly cannot be used otherwise. Compared to reciprocating compression chillers, this system’s electricity demand is only marginal.

Solutions to reduce costs and additionally save the environment

  • Reduction of operating costs by using waste heat as engine
  • Reduction of electric power input
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Long durability, high reliability
  • Increase of energy efficiency through trigeneration compared to separate cooling generation
  • Use of a natural refrigerant with long-term availability
  • No chemicals are added (just pure ammonia and distilled water)
  • Subsidized by government

Examples of how ago congelo can be integrated

Example 1 and 2

Direct integration on the liquid separator for normal cooling of a pump driven cooling plant or cascade system for low temperatures.


Example 3

Cooling energy transfer into an existing refrigeration cycle e. g. water/glycol

Exemplified design of an ago congelo®

50 100 150 250 500 750 1000
Heat capacity (cooling water and waste heat of the CHP plant) 105/82°C 109 217 326 544 1087 1631 2175
Cooling capacity +1/-5°C 50 100 150 250 500 750 1000
Re-cooling capacity +25/+30°C 159 317 476 794 1587 2381 3175
Electric nominal output 5,5 7,5 7,5 11 18,5 30 30
Electric nominal output summer 4,19 5,57 7,04 9,84 16,29 22,28 28,01
Electric nominal output winter 2,36 2,63 3,12 4,14 6,46 8,6 10,61
Heat ratio Q0/QH 0,46 0,46 0,46 0,46 0,46 0,46 0,46

Figures in kW