As a planning, design and construction specialist for complete power plants (supply with heat, refrigeration, ventilation technology and media), AGO AG Energie + Anlagen is one of the leading providers in Germany. We see ourselves as a typical medium-sized company where customers’ profits and benefit are of highest priority.

In order to develop projects in a customer-oriented way right from the start with efficiency and success, we need high-qualified and motivated employees. They represent the most important assets in our fields of activity. It is our philosophy to develop and maintain the high competence, which we demand from our employees – they are the guarantors of our corporate success. Accordingly, we attach great importance on a future-oriented human resource development. Key factors to the high level of our staff satisfaction are the scope of personal development and a certain freedom and diversity of work.

In order to motivate and bind employees in the long term, we offer attractive benefits.

Could we arouse your interest? Are you looking for an interesting job with very good career opportunities? Have you finished your degree and are you ready to start your professional career now? Or do you want to gain some experience and put your skills and knowledge to the test? Then you have come across the correct address.