Efficient process cooling.

Ranging from small installations to large industrial plants.

Intelligent use of waste heat.

Flexible cooling solutions for your production process.

Among our customers are medium-sized production and engineering companies as well as corporations from high-tech sectors. Your individual need will decide if screw type water chillers, turbo water chillers, absorption chillers or other technologies will be used.

ago congelo®
The ammonia/water absorption chiller called “ago congelo” enables cooling outlet temperatures
as low as - 28 degrees celsius. Mainly, you need waste heat which accumulates during an industrial process or through electricity generation by means of a gas motor or gas turbine. Areas of application
are for instance the food and beverage industry (e.g. fruit and vegetable storage, freezing or cooling storage facilities, breweries, dairies, industrial bakeries and butcheries), the chemical industry as well as distribution centres.