ERT Refrigeration Technology GmbH


ERT is specialized in cryogenic engineering, industrial cooling and process cooling. As our engineering partner, ERT has more than 25 years of experience in process engineering dealing with energy, cooling and cryogenic systems. Based on this experience, ERT also develop complex overall solutions for our clients.


ERT do not just provide high-quality components, they also construct plants ready for operation. ERT implement filling stations for liquid methane, low temperature cooling systems, industrial cooling systems and process cooling systems according to high effectiveness and efficiency criteria. Our business activities also include the integration of our systems solutions into our customers‘ existing plants plus the integration of control systems and adequate process engineering solutions. AGO Energie + Anlagen and ERT together take care of energy efficiency analyses, approval processes for obtaining environmental permits and subsidies and also conduct qualified plant tests and commissioning.


ERT support biogas associations, biogas organisations, biogas cooperatives and sewage and landfill gas producers in order to make synergies useful in the fields of methane liquefaction, construction of petrol stations and LNG tank logistics.


Our cooperation with ERT GmbH originated in the idea of increasing synergies and expanding our clients’ energy efficiency possibilities. ERT GmbH officially represent our absorption chiller „ago congelo®“ in Northern Germany.


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